Fashion designer (La Cambre) by education, I worked for more than 20 years in the fashion industry. Photography has always been MY passion, yet it only gradually became a given. From now on, my view of the world is filtered by the lens of my camera.



The single line consists in making a drawing in a single line without lifting the pencil or brush from its support. A technique I adopted when I was a student at La Cambre, but which I rediscovered a few years ago and which I now place at the centre of my creations: sculpture, wall sculpture and photography.

After working for more than twenty years in the world of fashion, I could no longer find any meaning in what I was doing. I was tired of being immersed in mass production, I wanted to return to something simpler, more human, more authentic. Photography, my great passion, came naturally. So I started my new life by taking portraits. And the single line came naturally. The line has been present in my life since my studies. I have always loved its finesse, its purity, its simplicity. When I started to work professionally as a photographer, I also started to draw again and little by little the two came together. At first, I would draw over a photo, isolating the line of the body or the face… Then I realised that the line isolated in this way could exist alone. Everything started to happen and the line became the red thread of my project.
Follow The Line was born.

Since then, all my creations revolve around single lines, which I use in multiple forms and media, divided into two poles: the artistic and the lifestyle.
In the first, we find photography and sculpture, which I exhibit in galleries and fairs.

The second area includes artistic objects such as drawings, wall sculptures, wall bas-reliefs and ceramics. These are controlled creations, respectful of the environment, and in limited editions to keep a unique and exclusive side that I have made or that I make myself with local companies and craftsmen.
The wooden bases and bas-reliefs are created by a carpenter from Binche, the metal sculptures are modelled by a Brussels company. I make and paint them. This manual part is a real need in my creation.

As the line can be used everywhere, collaborations have recently become an important part of my work, but above all they are a real source of renewal in my creation.

It’s so rich to meet other designers and to share our creative ideas together!
If you wish to discuss a project that tempts you, do not hesitate to contact me!


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ACCESSIBLE ARTFAIR – Octobre 2019 – Bozar – Bruxelles
WE ARE ARTISTS – Mars 2020 – Manoir Pirenne – Uccle
AFFORDABLE ARTFAIR – Mars 2019 – Tour & Taxis – Annulé Covid
TALENT 5 – Expo collective – 15 août au 15 septembre – Bonheiden
ART NOCTURNE KNOCKE – août 2019 – Knokke – Annulé Covid
AFFORDABLE ARTFAIR – September 2021 – Tour & taxis – Brussels
ART IS BIG – November 2021 – What galerie – Waterloo